Blue Laws And Crazy Laws Around The World

Have you ever heard the term “Blue Laws”? What does it mean exactly? Legally, the Blue Laws are the ones created to prohibit some certain activities with the no-religion approach. It means the laws are naturally non-religious since they aren’t formed to restrain the benefits of any religion. Normally, such the newly added laws are related to the selling of cars or alcoholic beverage on Sunday in the U.S. They are found on the U.S. Law books and many other countries around the world.

Blue laws are uniquely found around the world

Notice that the Blue Laws themselves are not in effect at every state in the United States! While some are ignored by the local residents, others make them laugh aloud because of their eccentricity and nonsense as well. The following are some noteworthy Blue Laws or Crazy Laws throughout the world. After reading them, you will definitely wonder why such the stuff has been written and announced. Actually, it is the goverment’s will!

Blue laws are uniquely found around the world

Laughable Laws in the District of Columbia

It is ridiculous that in Columbia you are not allowed to talk out loud while being in the public powder room or take some shots in the particular place more than 5 minutes. Hence, be mindful to avoid being the victims!

  • In every kind of public toilet, people are prohibited to dance, sing, whistle, skate or use the language that is offensive, noisy, or clamorous.
  • A photographer is allowed to take photographs in some public spots, on the sidewalks, and streets. However, the duration must be less than 5 minutes or he will be fined.
  • In the rolling 24-hour stage, no one can take part in a contest of dancing or racing more than 12 hours.

Blue Laws in Canada

From Ontario to Nova Scotia, there exist some ludicrous laws that you should bear in mind to reduce the odds of surprise and bewilderment while setting foot in these lands. Do you think that chopping wood on the sidewalk is an illegal act? Of course, it is not illegal in other countries. However, it turns to be illegal when you are in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thus, try to control your hand! In addition, it is also against the laws when you saw wood right on the street of Toronto, Ontario. What’s more, sense the following words!

  • In Windsor, Ontario, playing a musical instrument in a park is also prohibited.
  • In Winnipeg, Manitoba, it is illegal to be nude in your own home if others notice this because of the open curtains.
  • In Nova Scotia, watering your lawn while it is raining is the illegal act.
  • In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, you are forbidden to catch fish with your hands.

Crazy Laws in France, Italy, and Thailand

  • France
  • Italy
  • Thailand