Boy or Girl Early Signs

Boy or Girl Early Signs, getting pregnant is always one of the happiest period of our whole life.
This period indicates that we prepare to become the parents in the future.
During pregnancy, as an expectant mother, we will certainly want to know whether your unborn is a boy or girl!

These days, IT technology has change totally the existing predictor habits or science!

The new technique name “Ultrasound” and the difference with all of the method is the result is scientifically 99.99% right!

All other methods before (+20), let us be frankly, where just guessing!
And because there are just 2 unknown items, what give us all a accuracy 50%!

The most of the traditional ways still exist and and the people still use them!
Yes many families still like to use them as funny ways to find out the gender of their unborn babies!

Baby Heart Rate Gender Prediction Calculator – More!

Baby Heart Rate Gender Prediction Calculator, are you getting pregnant, and are you strongly thirsty for identifying the gender of your baby?
You can take the easy way and buy a “Gender Prediction Calculator” and you will know it, or you read further here after!
Here some useful ways below can satisfy your desire that at no cost!

Gender prediction: Am I having a girl or a boy?

We have make a list of the 5 Gender Determine Tools out of the (+20) see before that we think are useful on this moment.
It’s include ‘Ultrasound’ on the first place and the rest come out of the list of (+20) and thy are:

  • Ultrasound, the most used and 99.99% accuracy!
  • Chinese Chart Less than 90% accuracy!
  • Carrying High or Low 50% accuracy!
  • Morning Sickness, 50% accuracy!
  • Wedding Ring Prediction, 50% accuracy!

Normally on basic of scientifically value, beside the ‘Ultrasound’ method, none of the others in the (+20) have reason to exist!
So all other Baby Gender Determine tools thanks their existence only on their past popularity!

#1- Baby Heartbeat Gender 150 – Gender test Ultrasound!

Baby heartbeat gender 150 , through high frequency sound waves, what will aid us in producing the images of our unborn baby.
On this way while the baby is still inside the uterus of the mother, we can visualize the baby to see his sex!
The scientifically and correct name is ‘Ultrasound’ and mothers can be sure that the accuracy is 99.99%!

Predicting the Sex of Your Baby

Of course, this method always gets attention and credibility from most of the pregnant women by virtue of its accuracy.
Actually, when it comes to ‘Ultrasound’, it is rare for these women to get the wrong results of the genders of their babies.

If there are doubts it because the doctor has not a good view on the sex of the baby!
The reason of that can be that the baby sex is not develop enough or the clarity of the picture of then “Ultrasound” is wrong!

However, to receive the best result of image ‘Ultrasound’ should be performed between weeks 18 and 26.

Ultrasound gender test – Can’t be wrong!

#2- Baby Boy Heartbeat 160 – Chinese Gender Charts!

Baby Boy Heartbeat 160, legend has said that the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart was found over 700 years old.
The legend tell also that Chinese Gender Predictor accuracy has been nearly 90%.

method for determining boy or girl

Before we use this chart, it will be highly essential for us to determine:

  • Month of conception
  • Parents age at Conception

Both factors should be based on the dates in the Chinese lunar calendar.
Lots of women in the Western civilization are really fond of utilizing this method.
Thar because They in order to determine the sex. of the unborn babies because of its

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart –
Identify the gender of the baby convenience with simplicity.

#3- Baby Heart Rate 170 – Carrying High or Low!

Baby Heart Rate 170, interestingly, coupled with some certain and scientific methods of determining the gender of our unborn baby.
Why don’t we try with some simple ones such as looking at how our belly is?”
Is it High or Low?
According to some old and experienced ladies, they have believed to tell absolutely whether our unborn baby is a boy or girl by simply looking at our fetus.
If it is High, we can welcome a Girl.
If it is Low, we can expect to have a Boy.

Carrying High or carrying Low – an ancient way to determine the gender of baby

gender Predictor Chart

There’s also the belief that “carrying Wide” indicates a Girl, and “carrying Narrow” means it’s a Boy.
High and Low are about the position of the Uterus.
“Carrying High” means the most protruding part of a pregnant belly (the “bump”) is High on a woman’s abdomen.
High on a woman’s abdomen means right up under her breasts.

Carrying High or Low – A other old mamas method!

#4- Baby Boy Ultrasound at 20 Weeks – Morning Sickness!

Baby Boy Ultrasound at 20 Weeks, in general, during pregnancy, most of the expectant mothers have to experience morning sickness.
However, each of us will experience morning sickness with different kinds and symptoms.

baby gender prediction

If our morning sickness is worse, it is possible for us to have a girl, and vice versa.
According to some scientific theories, when we are pregnant with a girl, our body will be flooded with extra girl hormones that make us feel extra sick.

Morning sickness Gender Prediction Test – is know as a popular circumstance for every pregnant woman

#5- Baby Girl Ultrasound Pictures – Wedding Rings Prediction!

Baby Girl Ultrasound Pictures, along with these above funny and attractive methods, we can apply another tip on knowing the sex of our baby.
That is to take advantage of our wedding ring.

Now, don’t be hesitant to tie it to a string, and then hang it over our belly.

baby gender Prediction

Look at it carefully!
If it goes Back and Forth as the Pendulum, we will have a potential chance to welcome a girl.
On the other hand, in case it swings in a circle, a little boy will come to our life soon.

Wedding Ring Baby Gender –
another method of identifying the gender of the unborn baby

Fetal Heart Rate and Gender – Related Video!

Fetal Heart Rate and Gender, with courtesy of, we on may present our audience this video: GENDER PREDICTION TESTS! IS IT A BOY OR GIRL?
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How to Know Baby Gender Calculator – Some Final Words!

How to Know Baby Gender Calculator , know the gender of your future baby is very important for future parents!
And it’s one of the most important matters that future parents have on their heads!
If you buy such tool in a specialized shop, they will show you different kinds and they will demonstrate and explain all to you!
Once you have see once how it works, you will have no problems anymore to replicate on your own!

Here above we have try to clarified and simplified that matter for you and we hope that all readers have understand!

How to determine the gender of your baby