Dress Codes, Uniforms, Freedom of Expression

Dress Codes, historically, in 1996, the former President of the U.S., Bill Clinton, stated that Uniforms can help break “the cycle of violence, truancy, and disorder”.

Uniforms and Dress Codes

Can Uniforms and Dress Codes reduce the odd of violence, promote learning, and improve school climate?
Anyway, many people think so, regardless of the controversy around their impact on students’ freedom of expression opportunities
Uniforms can enhance students’ friendship and co-operation. By Stacy Zeiger
Apparently, public schools require all students to wear the same set of clothes like shirts, scarves, trousers, or skirts.
For instance, both England public schools and American ones also follow this trend.
Otherwise, in the private schools, these issues are not clear-cut.
For the benefits of creating the healthy and positive learning environment, Dress Codes and Uniforms are widely accept not only by school administrators but also by parents.

And there is more!

  • They can reduce the socio-economic gap between the rich and the poor
  • The number of school conflicts will be dropped down as there are fewer comments and personal attacks around clothes and accessories than ever.
  • Uniform is an effective sign for identifying non-students, and other visitors or outsiders who stand out in the crowd just because of different clothing.
  • Students no longer need to wonder what they should wear for daily school. That helps to save much time!
  • Parents can save their “dollars and cents” since Uniform is usually cheaper than the exquisite clothes.
  • Dressing alike can enhance students’ friendship, cooperation, and teamwork as well as school spirit.

In different sense, some people may argue that Uniforms and Dress Codes will promote school discipline and authority’s power.

Uniforms and Dress Codes

Thus, it may violate students’ freedom of speech and expression.

However, it is worth pointing out that students are also welcome to express themselves. They can do that via their learning styles, communication demeanor, or many other ways.

Dress Codes and Uniforms will increase their self-esteem and self-confidence so that they are able to learn more and focus on the mean core of their study.

Dress codes and uniforms are good for students’ self-confidence

Instead of using time to choose clothes, it is much better to use such the time to learn much academic knowledge and necessary skills.
That’s the best way for self-expression!

The use of Uniforms and Dress Codes is not limit in the educational settings; they are normally use in workplace zones like professional offices, food stores, government offices, delivery services, and so forth.
Arguably, both adults and children need Uniforms for their work and study.

Therefore, it is convinced that Uniforms and Dress Codes do improve the students’ appearance, schools’ disciplines, and parents’ approval.