Facts about Origami History

Facts about Origami History, the history of the Art of Origami is hard to known!
We can say that the exact origin of Origami is in fact unknown, that because the written records are limited for that period.

Facts about Origami History - 10 Best Facts for Novices!

For that reason on today we still not know if Origami fist is started in Japan or in China!
What we know with certainty is that paper was invented in China in the first century A.D., and the sixth century Buddhist monks brought paper to Japan.
You must know that hand make paper was only available for a few and seen as a luxury item ad that time.

All of that is the reason that the art of Paper Folding what strictly admitted for ceremonial events who where in the most cases religious events.

Facts about Origami – To Never Forget!

Facts about Origami, it’s good to know that many people in the whole world are informed about Origami, but I want to height light that many more people don’t know about Origami!

Facts about Origami

For that reason I will here after talk about the best facts about Origami for the many novices there are in the world.
Here after for that purpose, I will look up and list for you the most emblematic and unique Origami facts.
Further more I like to recommend you to read Origami History Under Debate!

As there are out so many fact about Origami, I will do my choice for the here under facts on this way, that after you have read some or all.

Anyway you will remember some of them for the ret of you live, that because of their uniqueness!

Origami Fact #1: The number of National Origami Associations!

Origami Fact #1

Throughout the world, there are at least some dozen National Origami Associations what including Japan, US, Nehterlands, France, UK, Spain, Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia and China, note that this list is not limited.

As first founded National Origami Association it was the British Origami Society in London 1967!

Origami Fact #2: World largest National Origami Associations!

Origami Fact #2

The world larges National Origami Associations is “Origami USA

Origami USA is yearly the greatest sponsor of the Origami convention in New York!

Origami USA has some very interesting publications as:

  • The Fold

The Fold is a Online publication continuously year around new articles average once a week.
This magazine is published for all members and visitors with a part mix of members only.
This mix part give members only open access to content consisting of diagrams, animations, articles, videos and much more.

  • The Paper

The Paper Is the Print publication for all members and is coming out between 3 a 4 times per year.
This magazine “The Paper” will contain article of all events of OrigamiUSA and the rest of the world.
Further more will contain a regular diagram selection both historic and new, pictures of art related folders and many interesting more!
You will also find a TOC with links to the past issues inclusive the cover pictures!

  • The Origami Collection

The Origami Collection is our annual book publication. Every year OrigamiUSA publishes a book of diagrams for the latest creations by folders from around the world. You’ll find listings of tables of contents for all back issues and links to our store, The Origami Source, to buy copies that are still in print.

  • Other OrigamiUSA Publications

We occasionally publish other collections of origami instructions in book form. You’ll find descriptions and their contents, as well as links to The Source to obtain any that strike your fancy.

  • Commercial Books

As we have contributed in the past years to several commercial books, included notably the proceedings of the various Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education (OSME) conferences on origami math and science.

Origami Fact #3: In the Guinness Book of World Records!

Origami Fact #3

Throughout all of the years there are many of Origami entries in Guinness Book of World Records the world!

I give one sample hereafter, on 30 November 2010 in Japan, Nagoya in the Nishi Yogo special public school, Mister Yoneyama Yuichi achieved to make 100 Origami Cranes that in 40 minutes and 35 seconds!

What means, Mister Yoneyama Yuichi need average 24,35 seconds to make one Origami Cranes!
Enjoy and lookup further your self!

Origami Fact #4: Not for Kids Only!

Origami Fact #4

If you have thinking that Origami is for Kids only well think again!
Every 2 years in Japan there is a Origami Airplane Champion Ship.
A article in the Bangkok Post has mentioning about latest event the record for the longest indoors flight of a origami plane who was 22 minutes and 48 seconds.
This record was set by Mister Takuo Toda who is also credited as inventor of the Paper Airplane!

Origami Fact #5: The smallest Origami Crane!

Origami Fact #5

Mister Naito Akira a Japanese citizen from 82 years old is credited to be the creator of the worlds smallest Origami Crane with a size of 0.1mm by 0.1 mm that folding in Plastic Film that by use of a Microscope as tool!

Origami Fact #6: The three largest Origami Crane

Origami Fact #6

The on record largest Origami Cranes on today are:
The first largest Origami Cranes with a wingspan allover 268.9 feet or 81.94m, was created by 800 Japanese people of the Peace Piece Project, that on the Hiroshima Shudo University, Hiroshima, Japan, that on date 29 August 2009.
The claimants created first one piece of paper measuring 328 ft x 328 ft or 100 m x 100 m, that out of smaller pieces of paper.

All pieces where attached with each other by tape!
The exact wingspan was measured by a third party surveyor that by using triangulation!

Origami Fact #7

A charity in Mexico (Grupedsac) founded by Stan and Elaine Cohen see Sweetiepurse. Support indigenous people and farmers to sell all kind of bags.

Bags items such as hand bags, shoulder bags, coin purses and belts too all folded out of candy wrappers and other appropriated trash!

Origami Fact #8: Origami important to the Japanese!

Origami Fact #8

Among Paper Crafts, Origami is unique because for executing its required besides “Paper” no any other materials!

Further more Origami is coming of the Japanese language, “Ori” in Japanese means “folded‘ and “Kami” in Japanese means “paper“, and change to “Gami” because literally rules know as “Sequential Voicing” what is a phenomenon in the Japanese morphophonology.

The history learn us that Paper folding as traditional folding art, has pervaded the Japanese culture strongly more than any other art!
Paper folding is executed from in the Edo period 1603-1867.

Origami Fact #9: The benefits of Origami!

Click here to see! For this people who execute regularly Origami they can benefit of the following:

Origami Fact #9
  • Sequencing skills.
  • Math’s reasoning.
  • Eye hand co-ordination.
  • Special skills.
  • Memory training.
  • Patenience skills.
  • Attention Skills

Further more practice Origami will allow you to develop your fine motor skills and also your mental concentration!

Origami Fact #10: Who is the Father of Origami!

Origami Fact #10

Akira Yoshizawa is seen as the father of the art of paper folding Origami.
Yoshizawa born in Kaminokawa Japan on 14 March 1911 in a family of dairy farmers.

His whole live he have dedicated on his obsession what was Paper Folding we name it Origami!

Yoshizawa him self has estimate in 1989 that he create more than 55.000 pieces of Origami.
He have declared further that only a few hundred designs are published in his own 18 books.

Akira Yoshizawa acted further as International Cultural Ambassador for Japan during his active career.
Further more Emperor Hirohito awarded Akira Yoshizawa in the Order of the Rising Sun, 5th class, what is one of the highest honors in Japan.
Akira Yoshizawa died in hospital on 14 March 2005 that from a pneumonia that on his 94th birthday.

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Random Facts About Origami – Some last Words!

Random facts about Origami are many and very interesting to learn and explore, take per example “facts about origami related to mathematics” for all of the people who want to learn more about math’s in paper folding!

Random Facts About Origami

As you see all very interesting and we will in the future dedicate a new post on that subject you can be sure!
As you can see for the current post our writer have explain clearly all about Facts about Origami History, and we hope that all interested visitor can understand what we mean!