French Revolution

So French Revolution, has appeared as a climax in the history of modern Europe.
This revolution is generally considered as one of the most notable marks and unforgettable events in the memory of both the French people and people all around the European continent.

French Revolution

Therefore historically, the Revolution began in 1789 and ended in 1799 thanks to the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte.

In this period, the French citizens (people in the Third Estate) are treat so unfairly and violently.
And for that reason they need to fight for their rights and their lives.

The absolute monarchy and feudal system drove people to be on the thirst for the radical changes and inalienable rights – the ones that can’t be chang or taken away by any force.

Consequentially, the violent revolts broke out.
The French Revolution (1789 – 1799) ended under Napoleon’s dictatorship

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French Revolution – About Louis XVI!

From the beginning of the Revolution, Louis XVI was the first King to come into power.
The King and his wife – Marie Antoinette – put the country into huge debt due to their wasteful spending while there was a lack of food.

That event somewhat encouraged the Third Estate to fight for rights, power, and respect.
As the result of the cruel behavior, both the King and his Queen were execute.

After then, in 1794, the brutal rule of Robespierre was regard as the culmination of the Revolution.
This terrible ruler was overthrown, arrest, and force to issue the unalienable rights.
That was what the French citizens were thirsty for!

French Revolution

Battle Scene from the French Revolution
Being influence by the Enlightenment ideas and inspire by the American Revolution, the French Revolution was highly approved by French citizens.
and respond by a huge number of French citizens.
So they not only fought for themselves but also for their offspring who couldn’t stand the unfairness, violence, and numerous slaughters.

Under the leadership of Napoleon, French Armies had successfully defeated the enemies and brought the bloodbath in Paris to an end.

Honorably, he became the leader of France! From this moment, the Revolution ended and the country entered a 15 years period under military rule.

Ultimately, the French Revolution won as expected, and made a significant contribution to the formation of the modern France.
Along with that, it somehow tells the world the French’s strong will, glory, and energetic power.

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French Revolution – Our Conclusion!

The French Revolution, at present, a popular interest in this great turmoil in French History.
So they still persists as the descendants are all fond of learning and researching the intellect and power of their ancestors.
The valuable lessons from the nation history remind the French of the value of freedom, equality, and civil rights.