Hinduism and its Mysterious Value

Several research reports have been written to know the beginning of Hindu religion. The followers of Hinduism consider Hinduism to be timeless without any starting or ending.

Still, the scholars in history are of the opinion that Hinduism is as new as 5000 years. The doctrine says that the original practitioners of that religion were living on shores of the River Indus. In those times, the river was called Sindhu. When the Persians migrated to this river’s side, they began calling it Hindu and that is how the religion got its name. Those who practiced this religion started being identified as Hindus and the religion was identified as Hinduism. This hypothesis is often known as the ‘Aryan Theory’.

One more theory about the beginning of Hinduism states that the religion originated around 2000 BC. The starters of it were the Aryans who took over the areas around Indus River and the Indus Valley. But the facts show that this hypothesis is incorrect and is regarded as completely hypothetical in nature.

The origin of this religion can be classified into 3 periods – the ancient period that dates from 6500 BC to 1000 AD, the medieval span that dated from 1000 AD to 1800 AD and the present era that dates from 1800 AD to the current date.

Astonishingly, there is no mention about the start of this religion in even one of the religious texts. In practice, majority of the lessons explain the way of living in today without worrying about the gone times. The religion concentrates on the proper method of living a life and does not talk about having any starting or ending to it.

Although today’s world experiences the want for knowing the start of Hinduism, the followers of this religion have no curiosity to know about its origins. They only want to live a moral life and faithfully follow the doctrine of Hindu religion to lead the right life which takes them to the God.