History of Volleyball

History of Volleyball, in 2020 the sport of Volleyball is 125 years old! The sport originated in the United States in 1895 and is now one of the big five international sports. The FIVB (The Federation Internationale De Volley-Ball) is the largest international sporting federation in the world with 220 affiliated national federations. Over the … Read more

World War II – The Most Devastating War Ever!

The Heart Of World War IIWorld War II continues to capture the imagination like no other conflict in history. A large part of this may well be because it is the most recent traditional war – as popularly imagined. While any number of large-scale conflicts have arisen since then, none have been “traditional” as World … Read more

Olympic Games And The Ancient Greek Athletics

In ancient Greek, the word “Olympic” consists of serious athletic competitions of the representatives from many states. Historically, they began first in 776 B.C. in Olympia, southwest of Greece. Held in honor of Zeus, Olympic Games encompassed the mythological origin. Dating back to 776 B.C., the Games took place every four years. No woman was … Read more

French Revolution

So French Revolution, has appeared as a climax in the history of modern Europe.This revolution is generally considered as one of the most notable marks and unforgettable events in the memory of both the French people and people all around the European continent. Therefore historically, the Revolution began in 1789 and ended in 1799 thanks … Read more