Leadership of Adolf Hitler – Lack of Respect and Morality

Adolf Hitler (20/4/1889 – 30/4/1945) was an Australian-born German politician that led the Nazi Party.

It was interesting to know that Hitler desired to become a painter when he was a child.

Later, he described himself as a misjudged artist.

However, his attempt to earn recognition by the official training in art was vain.

As “circumstances alter cases”, Hitler actively joined in the First World War and stood out as the leader of the Nazi Party in Weimar Germany later.

Under his leadership, the Nazis ruthlessly killed their antagonists, rebuilt the State economy, and created the fascist dictatorship.

Leadership of Adolf Hitler – The Center of World Events

In addition to the outbreak of the World War II because of the German attack in Poland 1939,Leadership of Adolf Hitler

Hitler’s racism produce millions of deaths that were widely regard as Holocaust.

As a result, his standpoint drove Germany to suffer the bitter period of war.

Meanwhile, the Red army invaded Berlin that added much misery, unbearable stress, and intolerant pressure to the residents in 1945.

Tragically, Hitler was too stressful to endure anymore.

Leadership of Adolf Hitler – Live line!

Born on 20 April 1889 and die on 30 April 1945, as he inevitably committed suicide.

It was report that his death bring the stormy life to an end.

Generally speaking, Hitler was the main character of the 3 world events namely:

  • Nazi Germany
  • World War II in Europe
  • Holocaust

During the final days in the Battle of Berlin in 1945, Hitler get marry to his life lover, Eva Braun.
Leadership of Adolf Hitler

Nevertheless, less than two days after their marriage, the two committed suicide to not be captured by the Red Army.

Later, their corpses were burned.

His regime was condemned for the genocide of at least 5.5 million Jews and millions of other victims.

Leadership of Adolf Hitler – The Infamous Leader!

After the devastating consequences of the World War II and Holocaust, may Hitler be regarded as the great leader regardless of his terrible influence?

As each individual may have their own judgment over Hitler’s leadership, let’s closely examine it and form your own evaluation!

As a powerful leader with the legitimate rights, Adolf Hitler own the supreme control over Nazi Party where the power had been divide and ineffective.Leadership of Adolf Hitler

Despite the disapproval of many forces, he was consistent enough to chase his ambition and made it come true.

It was know as that only Hitler can lead the whole party with the utmost status and positive public attention.

Thus, in 1921 when he pretended to resign, other members begged for his expertise as they knew no one could replace Hitler.

While only few documents claimed that Hitler was the competent leader, many other historic pieces opposed such claim.

They denounce his leadership because of the lack of respect or morality, and the terrible relationship with his followers.

Aiming to possess the ultimate authority, he had the intense focus on gathering power from various positions no matter it was best for his party or not.

As a result, people close to him were usually in danger with the severe punishment.

Leadership of Adolf Hitler – One-way Relationship!

Along with that, he preferred to give the direct order without anyone’s input.

Hence, it was impossible to trace any piece wrote about the collaborative meetings under his reign.

When it come to mistakes or wrongdoings, he was most likely to get irritate easily.

In the insulting manner, he forced others to follow his words absolutely.

The one-way relationship caused the followers to detest him even though they were extremely frightened by his dictatorship.

By ignoring others’ role in the political context, Adolf Hitler had the tendency to disregard the mutual communication.

In his eyes, the followers were like the ants and he was the king in the ants’ world.