London School of Business and Finance

London School of Business and Finance informally called LSBF, if you’re searching for the reviews and rankings, you’ve come to the right zone as we master this subject to fit your needs. Just follow our words to get a complete understanding of this reputable school.

London School of Business and Finance – About the LSBF

An Introduction about the LSBF…

London School Of Business And Finance Ranking

London School of Business and Finance is a London-base private business school, which is separate from the nearly similar-name London Business School or the London School of Economics.
It was established in 2003.
When studying in LSBF, the students get the Master degree in management, finance, and marketing.
It also offers the Bachelor degree and professional qualification training.

Referring to the school’s campus, it has the multiple campus in the UK and an international presence, namely in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Singapore, Toronto, and Canada.

The LSBF’s education philosophy is to help the students get both an academic degree and a professional qualification at the same time.
For that reason many undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses are offered by the educational specialists there.

So, why choose LSBF?
We list several top reasons for you to consider, including the superior collection of courses, qualify academic staff, versatile learning programs, affordable tuition, multiple campus, and great career support services.

London School of Business Finance – About high Ranking

In the current time, LSBF is not rank in the major UK or international university rankings.
The London School of Business and Finance did not partake in the Research Assessment Exercise.
Anyhow, the LSBF has the proud records of ranking.
after all it is one of the few private higher education schools that have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.
What is one of the UK’s highest and most prestigious business horror.

LSBF was the single UK-based school that provided the groundbreaking Dual Programs unifying the world’s most renown professional qualifications as ACCA, CIMA, CIM, or CFA®.
Because to these programs, LSBF faculty gain recognition for their expertise and the evident fame in management education of the Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB).

GGSB was the leading European business school that was rank 19th in Europe by the Financial Times in 2009. GGSB is the partnering institution of LSBF.
This institution does appear in the national and international rankings.

The LSBF also works in collaboration with one of the UK’s most innovative and modern universities – the University of Wales.
So based on this, the school is accredit with various flexible Master programs for finance and marketing.
In connection with scholarship programs available at this school, here the following.
All of the excellent students can be award with various types of Scholarship such as:

  • The Emerging Markets Scholarship
  • The Bank of Scotland International Scholarship (for Chinese learners)
  • The Diversity Scholarship
  • The Women in Business Scholarship
  • The Corporate Scholarship

The availability of the scholarship makes the school’s fame decent.