Mekong Delta Full Exploration Tours And Travels

Traveling to the orchards, swamplands, and paddy fields of Mekong Delta in Vietnam enable tourists to forget their daily stress. The Delta is the rice bowl of Vietnam or the agricultural miracle which holds the irreplaceable roles in the country’s economy.

Besides rice, the Delta is also famous for coconut palms, fruit orchards, etc. The image of conical-hated farmers has become the cool symbol of Vietnam in general and of Mekong Delta in particular.

Visit Mekong Delta for a Peaceful Lifestyle

Mekong Delta Full Exploration Tours And Travels

Due to the region’s diversity, a tour to Mekong Delta is extremely memorable. The idyllic scenes are featured with the peasants on farms, children riding on the water buffalo’s back, students wearing ao dai, market vendors, and rowing boats on the maze of channels.

While Tien Giang and Vinh Long are perfect for boat trips, Ben Tre is renowned for the rich fruit orchards, especially with coconuts. Meanwhile, Dong Thap is ideal for the bird lovers as well as the river enthusiasts and the colorful flower specialists.  The fantastic appeal for the idyllic beauty is what many individuals need to stay happy throughout their Mekong Delta Tours and Travels in Vietnam.

As the delta’s largest city, Can Tho is the must-visit tourist destination. Just spending a day or two in Can Tho and you will soon realize the fact that this city has the full competence to please the visitors with hotels, restaurants, attractions, floating markets, etc. When you move further to Mui Ca Mau, the southernmost tip of Vietnam, your journey will be fulfilled with the authentic bird sanctuary and mangroves.

If you hold passions for the Mekong Delta Festivals, the animated Oc Om Bok Festival entertains you much. What’s more, do not miss the prosperous town of Chau Doc and Sam Mountain, where the annual religious festival is held, namely Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival.

Your journey to the fertile regions is facilitated with a wide means of transport, and boats are most common and most traditional. Therefore, you should always never miss experiencing a boat trip around the Mekong canals and its essentials around.

When to Visit Mekong Delta

The best time to explore the delta is the dry season, which lasts from December to May. Due to the seasonal flooding, the region changes its face regularly. Every time you pay it a visit, it will surprise you with various new experiences and activities. It promises to offer the idyllic backgrounds for you all to photograph and sightsee. The Delta feeds much of the whole country with rice, tropical fruits and flowers.