Origami Cranes – The Symbol of Peace, Luck, and Longevity!

Origami Cranes, today we will make a popular figure in the art of origami cranes.
This is a most common and well beloved Origami figure of all Origami freaks all over the world.TransportationOrigami Cranes.

In Japanese it is called the crane and in Chinese simply “bird”.

In Japan a Crane is a mystical creature that is believed to live for 1.000 years!

It’s further believed if some one fold 1.000 Origami Cranes, his wish will come true!

Further more 1.000 Cranes has becoming the symbol of hope and healing that in difficult times!
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Paper Cranes Instruction – How to make!

Paper cranes instructions, first you need a sheet of white office paper with weight some 80g/m2.
If you like whatever color it totally following your own choice!
Further more you need some utensils such as Scissors and pencil.

And for this occasion we will shortly describe this project “Origami Cranes” in 12 steps!

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As you all can see our mean keywords for that header is Paper Cranes Instruction, and the 12 steps explanations are Sub-Headers 12 in total and all have used some related keywords who are:

  • # 01 Step, Crane Origami.
  • # 02 Step, Origami Crane.
  • # 03 Step, Birth Origami.
  • # 04 Step, Origami Birth.
  • # 05 Step, Orizuru.
  • # 06 Step, Origami Crane Tattoo.
  • # 07 Step, Easy Origami for Beginners.
  • # 08 Step, Origami Crane Meaning.
  • # 09 Step, Paper Crane Meaning.
  • # 10 Step, How to Make Origami Animals.
  • # 11 Step, 1000 Paper Cranes Book.
  • # 12 Step, Origami Crane Meaning Love.

# Step 1, how to make a Crane Origami.

TransportationStep 1

Crane Origami, take your scissors and cut out a square piece of paper.

# Step 2, how to make a Origami Crane.

TransportationStep 2

Origami Crane, fold the paper in half again, aligning the sides.
You will be have a triangle again, only smaller.

# Step 3, how to make a Birth Origami.

TransportationStep 3

Birth Origami, hold the top right corner of the triangle, bend it and match with the left corner of the triangle.
Get the upper square.

# Step 4, how to make a Origami Birth.

TransportationStep 4

Origami Birth, turn the paper and do the same on the other side.
Get another square, this is one of the common origami figure called a double square.
It is also used in making a lot of other origami figures as base.

# Step 5, how to make a Orizuru.

TransportationStep 5

Orizuru, now take the lower sides of the square, bend them and fold along the diagonal line of the figure.

# Step 6, how to make a Origami Crane Tattoo.

TransportationStep 6

Origami Crane Tattoo, do the same thing on the other side. The resulting figure is a diamond.

# Step 7, how to make a Easy Origami for Beginners.

TransportationStep 7

Easy Origami for Beginners, flatten the folded triangles, take the lateral corners and tuck them inside the figure accordingly with fold lines.

# Step 8, how to make a Origami Crane Meaning.

TransportationStep 8

Origami Crane Meaning, turn over and do the same on the other side.
You will have a diamond on 4 legs in the form of an acute angle.

# Step 9, how to make a Paper Crane Meaning.

TransportationStep 9

Paper Crane Meaning, bend one of the middle legs to the right side, this will be the bird’s tail.

# Step 10, how to make a How to Make Origami Animals.

TransportationStep 10

How to Make Origami Animals, bend the second leg to the left side, it will be the bird’s head.

# Step 11, how to make a 1000 Paper Cranes Book.

TransportationStep 11

1000 Paper Cranes Book, bend the left leg again (as shown in picture) and get the head of a bird.

# Step 12, how to make a Origami Crane Meaning Love.

TransportationStep 12

Origami Crane Meaning Love, now straighten two of the remaining legs to get the wings. Your origami crane is ready!

Warnings, please note that the paper should not be too thick and tough or it will be hard to fold.
Do not use cardboard; its best to use regular office paper like we mention before with thickness of 80 a 90 g/m2!

If you have still folding problems with some of the above “steps”, lookup the Video Tutorial here after, we are sure what you will be able to salve your problem!

And remember Origami Cranes are a meaningful gifts for family members and friends!

Origami Crane Video Easy – Related Video!

Origami Crane Video Easy, the static pictures here above, all does that we have divide the whole process in 12 steps, it can be that for our users there are some dark areas in the folding process and therefore it is good to use the related video too!

With the video you can lookup the steps that you haven’t understand well, stop your video on that specific please and return some seconds and replay!

For that reason we have put the related video here above, please enjoy!

Origami Crane Meaning – Some final words!

Origami Crane Meaning is in fact a symbolism and that surely in Asia!

In nearly the whole Asia continent, the Origami Crane is becoming the symbol of happy life and long lasting youth!
Specific in Japan the crane is with the time becoming one of the most holy and mystical creatures including Tortoise and Dragon.

All of the mention creatures above symbolizes Longevity and Good Fortune in Japan that because  of its fabled life predictions of 1.000 years!

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As you can see our writer has done a great effort to put in this short post all you need to know to fold a Origami Crane your self,