Elizabethan Era – The Golden Age in English History

Elizabethan Era (1558–1603), how was the resident’s life like during Golden Age?What made the era special actually?Historically, there were numerous facts and vital information about the customs and culture of the epoch for us to explore. When it came to history of the Golden Age, it couldn’t help referring to the prosperity of the British … Read more

Blue Laws And Crazy Laws Around The World

Have you ever heard the term “Blue Laws”? What does it mean exactly? Legally, the Blue Laws are the ones created to prohibit some certain activities with the no-religion approach. It means the laws are naturally non-religious since they aren’t formed to restrain the benefits of any religion. Normally, such the newly added laws are … Read more

Olympic Games And The Ancient Greek Athletics

In ancient Greek, the word “Olympic” consists of serious athletic competitions of the representatives from many states. Historically, they began first in 776 B.C. in Olympia, southwest of Greece. Held in honor of Zeus, Olympic Games encompassed the mythological origin. Dating back to 776 B.C., the Games took place every four years. No woman was … Read more

French Revolution

So French Revolution, has appeared as a climax in the history of modern Europe.This revolution is generally considered as one of the most notable marks and unforgettable events in the memory of both the French people and people all around the European continent. Therefore historically, the Revolution began in 1789 and ended in 1799 thanks … Read more

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, it’s asserted that everyone has his own hopes and wishes. According to Japanese tradition, 1000 Paper Cranes, with reference to Senbazuru, can help people to cherish their wishes and make them become true.A person who folds 1000 Origami Cranes will be granted a chance to make one significant wish.Legend … Read more