Styles of Graffiti Writing

Styles of Graffiti Writing, dating back to Ancient Greece and Roman Empire, the term “Graffiti” means “to write” referring to the artworks produced by scratching the designs, words, or models into the public places like walls or posters. It is inform that Graffiti has a long history associate with a variety of forms and styles. … Read more

Contextualizing Famous Poems

Contextualizing Famous Poems, when reading a famous poem, it is very crucial to put it into contexts, and the circumstances in which it was written.In that sense, we are able to absorb and comprehend all the literal and implied meanings that were intended. When reading a famous poem, it is very crucial to put it … Read more

The Oldest Flag In World History

The Oldest Flag In World History, according to Guinness World Records is the one of Denmark. The name of the Danish Flag is officially known as the Dannebrog meaning the Flag of the Danes or the red flag. Historically, the oldest piece is first found in the Danish text from 1478 and in a Dutch … Read more

Leadership of Adolf Hitler – Lack of Respect and Morality

Adolf Hitler (20/4/1889 – 30/4/1945) was an Australian-born German politician that led the Nazi Party. It was interesting to know that Hitler desired to become a painter when he was a child. Later, he described himself as a misjudged artist. However, his attempt to earn recognition by the official training in art was vain. As … Read more