Spiritual Awakening

The term ‘spiritual enlightenment’ and ‘spiritual awakening’ have been used in so many ways to portrait so many things. Therefore, it is hard to clarify a definition of spiritual enlightenment or spiritual awakening. It is also because spiritual awakening is such rich and complex experience that it is innately hard to define. Some definitions are … Read more

Aries and Pisces Friendship

Aries and Pisces Friendship, if Aries and Pisces come in love, they will be great for one another.An Aries man is a strong dude, he almost completely preys to his impulses.What he will follows without the second thought to the outcome or possible consequences.Aries and Pisces have a distinct appreciation for each other’s emotion.Both have … Read more

Origami Art

Origami art is an art of folding paper. The word originally comes from the Japanese words ‘Oru’ and the other ‘Kami’. Oru means to fold and Kami signify paper. Altogether, they make the word ‘Origami’. It consists of the creation of different forms of paper usually by folding. However, it involves various techniques. One can … Read more

Facts about Origami History

Facts about Origami History, the history of the Art of Origami is hard to known!We can say that the exact origin of Origami is in fact unknown, that because the written records are limited for that period. For that reason on today we still not know if Origami fist is started in Japan or in … Read more

Spiritual Symbols

Spiritual symbols are one of the wonderful things that can leave a strong psychological impression in our minds. We feel love by looking at some peaceful symbols.  In contrast, there are symbols that make us feel darkness due to their demonic presence. There are various kinds of spiritual symbols; however, here are seven of the … Read more