Some Basic Rules When Traveling In Prague

Driving Rules in Prague

If you are looking towards renting a car during your Prague holidays, you need to be known of the local rules. This not only is going to help keep you safe, but ensure you are able to follow the rest of the drivers, without creating problems. Renting a vehicle in Prague isn’t overly difficult, as long as you have a current license from your home country. Just make sure to follow these very strict rules, as you don’t want to be pulled over by a police officer, as a traffic ticket is sure to bring down your travel mood and excitement.

To start, you must wear a seat belt. This is a national law and is required. On top of this, children under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride in the front seat, so even if you are taking a trip with your younger son or daughter, then they cannot sit with you up in the front.

When on the highway system (known in Prague as the motorways), the maximum speed limit is 130 kilometers per hour (roughly 80 miles per hour).

Generally, when you are in a car accident, you get out and discuss the situation with the other parties involved. Here you agree on a price that the at fault driver must pay (rather different than the current system used in the United States). Of course, often times accidents bring out the worst in drivers, especially when each driver thinks the other is at fault. When this occurs, you must contact the police and leave your vehicles in the spot. This is very important so the officer is able to determine what occurred during the accident. If the vehicles have been moved due to oncoming traffic, you need to mark of the area where the accident took place with chalk or tape.

The drinking and driving rules in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic is extremely tight. There is no small amount of alcohol you can have and still legally drive. If you have had any sort of alcohol, even if it was one glass, you need to leave your car behind. If any small amount of alcohol is traced in you, you will be arrested and taken back to the police station. It is best to try and avoid this situation by leaving your car there for the time being and returning to pick up the vehicle either later in the day or the next day.

Rent a car in Prague and follow the above mentioned rules to enjoy you stay without tensions.