Something About Exorcism

Exorcism Something Which Forms A Nice Part Of Peoples Belief Till Now

The world has both good and bad things. There may be times when the bad things take a toll on human life. Possession by some evil spirits is not an unknown thing. Even medical sciences have started believing in paranormal activities which do exist with the normal aspects.

Several researches in different universities of the world have revealed that people may become the victims of evil possessions. Whenever a person is possessed, several changes in the behavior and way of living of the person are noticed. Such things should not be ignored and steps should be taken. Very often such people are termed as mentally disordered but the reason may be something else.

The only way out of such evil possession is exorcism. Since ages now this practice has been followed to relive people from evil possessions. Exorcism is basically a religious practice where demons are evicted from a persons’ body or a location. This practice may be carried out by making the entity swear an oath or performing a big ritual or simply commanding it to leave in the name of a superior power.

The exorcism as a practice is very ancient and till today it forms an important part of many religious and cultural beliefs. Statistics show that even in the recent years several exorcisms have been performed in different countries of the world to save life from evil.

In different religions, the methods of exorcism are different. In Christianity, exorcism is performed in the name of Jesus Christ. It is performed by a member of the Church or an individual who is thought to have special powers and skills. Prayers and religious materials are used for the purpose.

In Hinduism, exorcism is performed by means of Yajna and Mantras. From a scientific point of view, demonic possession is not considered a valid psychiatric condition. The symptoms of demonic possession are closely related to disorders like mania, schizophrenia, hysteria, epilepsy and other mental illnesses. However, researches have proved that appearance of these symptoms may not be associated with a particular mental illness at all times. There may be certain paranormal associations with these symptoms.

Several film makers have got their inspirations from real life experiences of paranormal activities. Several films based on real life stories have been made which deals with exorcisms. There may be terrible situations when the possessed person cannot survive due to failure of the exorcism process. However debates on this fact that whether it is the exorcism or the demons which take away people’s lives.

In general, exorcism is seen to be an important practice where demons are expelled out of a person’s body. Several laws have been passed which enforces the right to perform this practice. Many subjects that deal with this aspect form a part of people’s studies today. However, it is extremely important that the process is carried out by a skilled and knowledgeable person who can handle tough situations. A wrong act in this process will bring serious consequences.