Boy or Girl Early Signs

Boy or Girl Early Signs, getting pregnant is always one of the happiest period of our whole life.This period indicates that we prepare to become the parents in the future.During pregnancy, as an expectant mother, we will certainly want to know whether your unborn is a boy or girl! These days, IT technology has change … Read more

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony, it is believed that naming ceremonies cross most of the religious and national boundaries.Actually, these ones have their origin in the ancient times when early people supposed that the children were the special gift from the God.In the modern times, naming ceremonies have been still held in lots of the families and communities … Read more

How to Know if a Guy is Interested in You

How to Know if a Guy is Interested in You, once Cupid strikes, we will find it difficult to avoid the LOVE arrow.Believe it or not, love is able to make us see the stars in the daytime as well as keep us awake all night!Surely, the sleepless nights will highly arise!Especially when we are … Read more

Earth Science – Some Facts About Planet Earth

Earth science and its branches Earth Science or Geoscience, is know as the branch of science relating to the study of the origin, phenomena and structure around the planet Earth. Besides, it is also a specific case in planetary science because the Earth is the only considered life-bearing planet. In general, the 4 basic branches … Read more

Ways To Enhance The Mediation Session Well

Truly, meditation has its origin in the ancient times, and up to now, this wonderful session has also got attention from everyone around the world regardless of ages, countries and customs. Meditation helps us not only keep our mind in peace, but also find the balance in life. If you begin Meditation in the first … Read more