Styles of Graffiti Writing

Styles of Graffiti Writing, dating back to Ancient Greece and Roman Empire, the term “Graffiti” means “to write” referring to the artworks produced by scratching the designs, words, or models into the public places like walls or posters.

It is inform that Graffiti has a long history associate with a variety of forms and styles.

The talent of a street artist is shown obviously via his or her Graffiti Writing Styles.

In fact there are 8 styles of Graffiti Writing who are: Tag, Throw-Up, Stencil, Blockbuster, Stickers or Slaps), Wildstyle, Calli, Piece, and Heaven.

In that sense, I would like to draw your attention to the five prominent writing styles that almost all professional Street Artists are fond of and they are:

#1-Tag Graffiti Styles – About it!

Tag graffiti styles, some Artists use Tag Style to represent their names quickly.

It is generally consider as the most basic and fastest form of Graffiti Writing.

In numerous public places, this style enables the artists to gain recognition and appreciation for how quick, skillful, and stylistic they are.
That makes them out of the crowd!

In most cases, Tag Style is used as a signature at the bottom of their personalize works.

Tag Graffiti Style in most cases is written in one color with marker or paint spray, what is heavy contrasted with the used background of the related Graffiti.

In graffiti slang Tag we name it “Moniker”, what is in fact a stylized personal signature what contain the graffiti writers name and some other personal references!

#2-Throw-Up Graffiti Style – More Over!

Throw-up graffiti style is used if the performers are required to write quick and reasonably.

This style is create by making the painting layer in one color. Then, the outline of the letters is in another color.

All of this graffiti letters are call bubble ones which are basically round and fat with or without differently color outline.

Besides, the letters are likely to overlap each other. As they don’t have too much stylistic tactics, reading is enhance.

We name them also panel piece, throw-Ups who are quickly executed, usually painted on running busses and or temporally parked trains.
In graffiti slang Tag executer we name it “Bencher” what is a individual who is a hardcore fan of graffiti but a not writer!

#3-Blockbusters Graffiti Style – More About!

Blockbusters graffiti style, thirdly, Blockbuster Style is use with the block letters.

As its name has indicate, this block style is normally done in large areas like the whole trains or walls.

And what more is that Blockbuster style can be accomplished with paint rollers and multi color paint, what make that it’s easy to do and that in less time!

Blockbuster style is also used first to cover up existing graffiti or blocking other graffiti writers to put-up some other paints in the same area.

#4-Wild-Style Graffiti Style – Some Details!

Wild-style graffiti letters, is complex and difficult to read and “decode”.

For people who are not familiar with Graffiti letters, this style easily makes them confused and dizzy because they are all blend with many different colors.

Being highly decorate, the wildlife letters easily attract readers’ attention and appreciation, but not comprehension.

Nowadays, more and more people appreciate this complex style and pass it from countries to countries around the globe. Wild-style Graffiti is quite difficult to read and “decode”.

#5-Calli-Graffiti Style –More Detail!

Calli-Graffiti style, graffiti and calligraphy makes Calligraffiti what is a art of writing what can have various forms.

The Calli-graffiti Style is the creative mixture of calligraphy and graffiti.
Note that the forms who can goes from Ancient Japanese brush characters, Pictorial Arabic script, Medieval illuminated books and Swirly quill writing.

It’s first create by an Amsterdam Graffiti Artist with the nick name “Shoe” or alias Niels Pullman.
Embracing the best beauty and artistic prominence of both calligraphy and graffiti, Calli-graffiti enhances stylish performance and easy reading.

In any urban setting, this style Calli makes Graffiti an attractive and beautiful handwriting art!

Graffiti Tags – Related Video!

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Graffiti Letters – Some Last Words!

Graffiti Letters, in the above Post you can see that our writer has do her best to give all readers a first impression of what Graffiti is and what different styles there exist.

We hope that all interested readers understood what is written and if not so please simply inform us from of what you are missing that by formulate clearly your question and put it in the comment box here after.
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