Travel agent offer dedicated service for clients and make arrangements for hotel reservations, car rentals, and transportation.
They also satisfy any other travel request from clients.
Travel agents employ computer-based sources to gather information on flights, departure times, arrival times, hotel, fares, discounts, and insurance.
Read the article below to figure out how to become a travel agent

1. Career Definition – Of Travel Agents!

Travel agents, also known as travel consultants or travel managers, are responsible for assisting clients to arrange travel plans for personal or business purposes.
So travel agents will book lodging reservations and transportation and inform clients of any passport or visa requirements.

Travel Agent

Travelers expect from their travel agents for advice on weather, customs, currency exchanges, and any popular attraction.
So travel agents are necessary in the case of a travel emergency or changes in the itinerary.

2. How to Become Travel Agent – Education Required!

While many employers prefer a bachelor’s degree from their applicants, you only need a high school diploma to become a travel agent.
While in school, learners should focus on classes including geography, world cultures, and foreign languages.
Most parts of the education required for travel agents is supplied by employers through on-the-job training.

Travel Agent

Many students attend the American Society of Travel Agents to get the certification for their travel agents through the membership program.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), travel agents need to be detailed oriented and possess strong organizational skills.
Agents must always appear courteous and professional.
It is important that anyone in this field enhance excellent communication, negotiation, and customer service skills.
Travel agents also need business and computer to deal with their sales and record-keeping responsibilities.

3. Economic Career Outlook – Basic Live Support!

Also according to the Basic Live Support (BLS) rules, job opportunities for travel agents are estimated to decline by 12% from 2012 to 2022! This is because more and more people are turning to plan and book trips through websites, which can be faster and cheaper.
Within the assistance of the Internet and mobile devices, some individuals can even design the trips on their own.

Travel Agent

The development of backpacking travel has defeated the importance of travel agents.
However, there are people who still rely on the travel agents since they do not want to take any further burden or worry of planning a trip.
All they want is simply relaxation and recreation.

4. Alternative Career Options – Hospitality and More!

In case the students want to change their career of Travel Agent, they can consider becoming:

  • Hotel Management
  • Event planner
  • Food Operations
  • Front of the House

That a percentage students do not find job as Travel Agent is described

Travel Agent

The knowledge and skill they learn from travel agent school can also be helpful for them in any job related to the hospitality field.

Travel Agency Website – Related Video!

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Best Travel Agency – Some latest Words!

Here above we have try to explain why in the last 10 a 15 years there is so big decrease of regular Travel Agent jobs over the whole world.
So all is coming of the IT introduction in these industry! Many regular jobs as Travel Agent are lost and are substitute with mostly Freelance  Online Travel Agents.

We know that not all people are interested to work as independent.
So thy don’t like to become a Freelance Travel Agent!
If that the case well there is still a solution for this people.
With a short practice upgrade in the hospitality industry they can become a certificate of:

  • Hotel Management
  • Event planner
  • Food Operations
  • Front of the House

We hope that you have learn something about what is happening in the Travel Agent industry.